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Featured Speakers

avatar for Siva Vaidhyanathan

Siva Vaidhyanathan

Center for Media and Citizenship at UVA
Director of Center for Media and Citizenship
avatar for Jerica Copeny

Jerica Copeny

Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library
Civic Data Scientist


avatar for Clara Turp (she/her)

Clara Turp (she/her)

McGill University
Discovery systems librarian
avatar for Swetta Abeyta

Swetta Abeyta

Saint Mary's College of California
Systems and Digital Initiatives Librarian
avatar for Kristen Arakelian

Kristen Arakelian

EBSCO Information Services
Recruiting Coordinator
avatar for Greg Argo

Greg Argo

Open Education and Affordable Content Librarian

Kim Armstrong

Big Ten Academic Alliance
Director, Library Initiatives
avatar for Katy Aronoff

Katy Aronoff

Ex Libris, Part of Clarivate
Director, Solution Consulting
avatar for Daniel  Ayala

Daniel Ayala

Secratic LLC
Managing Partner
avatar for Mary Aycock

Mary Aycock

Texas State University
Metadata and Database Coordinator
avatar for Tina Baich

Tina Baich

IUPUI University Library
Senior Associate Dean
avatar for Lynn Bailey

Lynn Bailey

Index Data

Linda Bain

Taylor and Francis
Account Manager

Molly Balikov

Oxford University Press
Senior Editor: Reference Editorial
avatar for Beat Barblan

Beat Barblan

Senior Director, Publishing & Data Services

Susan Barnum

Public Services Librarian, El Paso Public Library

Lisa Barricella

East Carolina University
Head, Acquisitions, E-Resources, and Conservation
avatar for Whitney Bates-Gomez

Whitney Bates-Gomez

Georgia State University
Electronic and Continuing Resources Librarian
avatar for Jennifer Bazeley

Jennifer Bazeley

Miami University (OH)
Coordinator, Collection Access and Acquisitions
avatar for Joshua Been

Joshua Been

Baylor University
Director of Data & Digital Scholarship
avatar for Eugenia Beh

Eugenia Beh

MIT Libraries
Scholarly Communications and Licensing Librarian
avatar for Christina Beis

Christina Beis

University of Dayton
Director of Collections Strategies & Services
avatar for Molly Beisler

Molly Beisler

University of Nevada, Reno
Director of Collections & Discovery
avatar for Guy Ben-Porat

Guy Ben-Porat

Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company
VP Discovery Solutions
avatar for Nancy Bennett

Nancy Bennett

Carroll University Library
Electronic Resources & Systems Librarian
avatar for Anjana H Bhatt

Anjana H Bhatt

Florida Gulf Coast University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Amanda Bielskas

Columbia University
avatar for Mary-Lynn Bragg

Mary-Lynn Bragg

Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company
Director of Campus Engagement
avatar for Charissa Brammer

Charissa Brammer

Colorado College
Metadata & Discovery Systems Librarian
avatar for Ann-Marie Breaux

Ann-Marie Breaux

VP, Workflow Management Services, FOLIO
avatar for Courtney Bremer

Courtney Bremer

University of Waterloo
Cataloguing and metadata librarian
avatar for Jennifer Everson Brown

Jennifer Everson Brown

University of Denver
Electronic Resources Access & Discovery Manager
avatar for Jennifer Browning

Jennifer Browning

Carleton University
Head of Cataloguing, Metadata, & Digitization
avatar for Sommer Browning

Sommer Browning

University of Colorado Denver
Associate Director of Technical Services
avatar for Tina Buck

Tina Buck

University of Central Florida
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Rosalind Bucy

Rosalind Bucy

University of Nevada, Reno
Research & Instruction Librarian
avatar for Jane Burke

Jane Burke

ExLibris, a ProQuest company
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
avatar for Shannon Burke

Shannon Burke

Texas A&M University Libraries
Coordinator of Acquisitions

Douglas Burns

University of North Texas Libraries
avatar for Christian Burris

Christian Burris

Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University
Serials Acquisitions Coordinator

Emily Campbell

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Director of Document Delivery

Suzette Caneda

Stanford University
Assistant Head, Acquisitions Dept.
avatar for Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter

Execitive Director
avatar for Sunshine Carter

Sunshine Carter

University of Minnesota Libraries
Director, Collection Strategy & eRes Management
avatar for Samuel Cassady

Samuel Cassady

Western University
Head, Collections and Content Strategies
avatar for Amy Castillo

Amy Castillo

Tarleton State University
Manager of E-Resources and Scholarly Communication
avatar for Clint Chamberlain

Clint Chamberlain

Regional Sales Manager
avatar for Rachael Cohen

Rachael Cohen

Indiana University
Discovery Systems Librarian
avatar for Harold Colson

Harold Colson

UC San Diego
eBooks Strategist, US History Librarian, International Relations...
avatar for Karen E. Cowen

Karen E. Cowen

Texas State University/ University Libraries
Electronic Resources Assistant
avatar for Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

University of North Texas Libraries
Head of Collection Development
avatar for Christine Davidian

Christine Davidian

Rowan University
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
avatar for Tony Davies

Tony Davies

Swinburne University of Technology
Deputy Director, Library Services
avatar for Laura DeLancey

Laura DeLancey

Western Kentucky University
Electronic and Continuing Resources Coordinator
avatar for Robin Desmeules

Robin Desmeules

McGill University Library
Cataloguing Librarian
avatar for Katy DiVittorio

Katy DiVittorio

Auraria Library
Collections Strategies, Department Head
avatar for Stephanie Doellinger

Stephanie Doellinger

Senior Metadata Operations Manager CI & KB
avatar for Patricia Dover

Patricia Dover

University of the South
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Daniel Draper

Daniel Draper

Loyola Marymount University
Head of Systems and Digital Initiatives
avatar for Angela Dresselhaus

Angela Dresselhaus

Eastern Carolina University
Head of Electronic Resources
avatar for Sara Duff

Sara Duff

University of Central Florida
Acquisitions and Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Jill Dukarich

Jill Dukarich

Senior Product Manager, Analytics
avatar for Joshua Dull

Joshua Dull

Yale University
Digital Scholarship Support Specialist
avatar for Claire T Dygert

Claire T Dygert

CDygert Solutions, LLC
avatar for Meg Eastwood

Meg Eastwood

University of Denver Libraries
Science & Engineering Librarian
avatar for Jill Emery

Jill Emery

Portland State University
Collection Development & Management Librarian

Alice Eng

Wake Forest University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Chris Erdmann

Chris Erdmann

The Carpentries
Library Carpentry Community & Development Director

Rafael Escobar

University of Michigan
Manager of Metadata Services unit
avatar for Rhonda Evans

Rhonda Evans

New York Public Library
Electronic Resource Librarian
avatar for Linda Farrell

Linda Farrell

Monash University
Information Resources Librarian
avatar for Robert Fernandez

Robert Fernandez

Prince George's Community College
Assistant Professor, Resources Development/eLearning Librarian

Tania Hewes Fersenheim

MIT Libraries
Senior Systems Librarian
avatar for Angela Flenner

Angela Flenner

College of Charleston Libraries
Acquisitions and Resource Management Coordinator
avatar for Anita Foster

Anita Foster

The Ohio State University
Electronic Resources Officer
avatar for Sari Frances

Sari Frances

Mgr. of Digital License Compliance

Vanessa French

Butler University Libraries
Collections Strategy Librarian
avatar for Amy Fry

Amy Fry

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
E-Resources Management Librarian
avatar for Philip Gaddis

Philip Gaddis

Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver
Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loan Manager
avatar for Meg Galasso

Meg Galasso

Indiana University Kokomo
Information Services Librarian & Archivist

James Galbraith

Binghamton University (State University of New York)
Head of Collection Development,
avatar for Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher

University of the Sciences
Collection Management & Metadata Librarian
avatar for Vanessa Gamet, MLIS

Vanessa Gamet, MLIS

Director of Library Sales

Lynn E. Gates

Kraemer Family Library
Director of Collections and Content
avatar for Marina Georgieva

Marina Georgieva

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Visiting Digital Collections Librarian
avatar for Elizabeth German

Elizabeth German

Texas A&M University
Service Design Librarian
avatar for Amy Gherardini

Amy Gherardini

University of Michigan
Operations Manager of Document Delivery
avatar for Rhonda Glazier

Rhonda Glazier

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Director of Collections Management

Leslie Golamb

University of Phoenix
Digital Content Librarian

Stephanie Gritz

Loyola Marymount University
Systems Librarian
avatar for Jill Grogg

Jill Grogg

Senior Strategist
avatar for Janice Grover-Roosa

Janice Grover-Roosa

Western Wyoming Community College
Director of Library Services
avatar for Melissa Gustafson

Melissa Gustafson

Indiana State University
Electronic Resources & Copyright Librarian
avatar for Nat Gustafson-Sundell

Nat Gustafson-Sundell

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Collections Librarian
avatar for Bill Hair

Bill Hair

Baylor University
Theology & Philosophy Librarian

Kathryn Harnish

Innovative Interfaces
SVP of Product Strategy
avatar for Steven Harris

Steven Harris

University of Nevada, Reno
Assistant Dean of Libraries
avatar for Eric Hartnett

Eric Hartnett

Texas A&M University
Director of Electronic Resources

Arthur Hayden

EBSCO Information Services
Senior UX Researcher

Ben Heet

Program Officer
avatar for Margaret Heller

Margaret Heller

Loyola University Chicago
Digital Services Librarian

Shawn Hendrikx

Western University
Collections & Content Strategies Librarian
avatar for Ken Henslee

Ken Henslee

GALILEO - University System of Georgia
Systems Analyst
avatar for Stephanie Hess

Stephanie Hess

Binghamton University Libraries
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for C. Derrik Hiatt

C. Derrik Hiatt

Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
Assistant Dean of Libraries
avatar for Kate Hill

Kate Hill

Library Services Engineer

Lilly Hoi Sze Ho

Library Manager
avatar for Margaret Hogarth

Margaret Hogarth

The Claremont Colleges Library
Electronic Resources & Licensing Librarian
avatar for Ben Hogben

Ben Hogben

Ithaca College
Access Services Manager
avatar for Jay Holloway

Jay Holloway

Director | Product Management
avatar for Misty Hopper

Misty Hopper

Texas State University
Head Cataloging and Metadata Services Administrati
avatar for Daniel Howells

Daniel Howells

Swinburne University of Technology
Customer User Experience Analyst
avatar for Dan Huang

Dan Huang

Lehigh University
Resource Acquisitions Manager
avatar for Patricia Hudson

Patricia Hudson

Oxford University Press
Head of Library Marketing
avatar for Clarke Iakovakis

Clarke Iakovakis

Oklahoma State University
Scholarly Services Librarian
avatar for Ben Jahre

Ben Jahre

Lafayette College
Head of Electronic Resources
avatar for Boutsaba Janetvilay

Boutsaba Janetvilay

Sonoma State University
ERM Specialist
avatar for Heather Jeffcoat

Heather Jeffcoat

Georgia Tech Library
Web & Discovery Management Librarian
avatar for Eva Jurczyk

Eva Jurczyk

University of Toronto
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Arta Kabashi

Arta Kabashi

Account Manager
avatar for Stephanie Kaelin

Stephanie Kaelin

Cambridge University Press
Library Sales Manager

Robert Kelshian

American University Library
Director of Access Services
avatar for Kevin Kidd

Kevin Kidd

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Director of the Library
avatar for Erin Kilkenny

Erin Kilkenny

Cataloging & Metadata Librarian
avatar for Sherise Kimura

Sherise Kimura

University of San Francisco
Head of Electronic Resources & Systems
avatar for Jesse Koennecke

Jesse Koennecke

Cornell University
Director, Acquisitions & E-Resource Licensing
avatar for Stacy Konkiel

Stacy Konkiel

Altmetric & Dimensions
Director of Research Relations
avatar for Laura Krier

Laura Krier

Sonoma State University
Collection Development Librarian
avatar for Nettie Lagace

Nettie Lagace

NISO - National Information Standards Organization
Associate Executive Director

Richard Landry

SAGE Publishing
Director, Data Innovation
avatar for Victor Lao

Victor Lao

Springer Nature
Director, Institutional Sales
avatar for Stephanie Larrison

Stephanie Larrison

Texas State University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson

Langara College
Electronic Resources Librarian

Katherine Leach

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
avatar for Kristin Lee

Kristin Lee

Tufts University
Research Data Librarian
avatar for Hana Levay

Hana Levay

University of Washington
Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Claire Leverett

Claire Leverett

Associate Director
avatar for Noah Levin

Noah Levin

Independent Professional
Co-chair, NISO KBART Standing Committee
avatar for Ron Lewis

Ron Lewis

Loyola Marymount University William H. Hannon Library
Acquisitions Librarian
avatar for Kara Kroes Li

Kara Kroes Li

Director of Product Management
avatar for Pat Lienemann

Pat Lienemann

Minnesota State University, Mankato
eAccess & Discovery Librarian

Elizabeth Lightfoot

Florida International University
Electronic Resources Librarian

Ed Loera

Sales Specialist
avatar for Jillian Lohndorf

Jillian Lohndorf

Internet Archive
Web Archivist
avatar for Bobbi-Jean Ludwig

Bobbi-Jean Ludwig

University of Nebraska at Kearney Calvin T Ryan Library
Coordinator for Library Technology Services
avatar for Anders Lyon

Anders Lyon

University of San Francisco
User Experience/Web Design Librarian
avatar for Hong Ma

Hong Ma

Loyola University, Chicago
Head of Library Systems, Interim Associate Dean for User Services
avatar for Jonathan Macasevich

Jonathan Macasevich

Lafayette College
User Services Specialist
avatar for Stew MacLehose

Stew MacLehose

University of New England
Digital Services & Systems Librarian
avatar for Katharine V. Macy

Katharine V. Macy

Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Colleen Major

Colleen Major

Columbia University
Head of Electronic Resources Management

Elizabeth Mantz

Western University
Collections & Content Strategies Librarian
avatar for Joe Marciniak

Joe Marciniak

The University of West Georgia
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Kristin Martin

Kristin Martin

University of Chicago
Director of Technical Services
avatar for Steve McCann

Steve McCann

Product Manager
avatar for Peter McCracken

Peter McCracken

Cornell University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Anne McKee

Anne McKee

Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA)
Program Officer for Resource Sharing

Ann Medaille

University of Nevada, Reno Libraries
Director of Research and Instructional Services

Ruth Melchionne

Taylor and Francis
District Library Sales Manager

Jia Mi

The College of New Jersey
Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian
avatar for Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

Loyola Marymount University
Electronic Resources Assistant
avatar for Emma Molls

Emma Molls

University of Minnesota
Director of Open Research & Publishing
avatar for Athens Moreno

Athens Moreno

Glencoe Public Library
Technology Manager
avatar for Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan

Swinburne University of Technology
Library Resources Analyst

Maureen Morris

Cornell University
Research and Learning Services Librarian

Jim Mouw

University of Chicago
Associate Univ. Librarian for Collection Services
avatar for Amelia Mowry

Amelia Mowry

Wayne State University
Metadata & Discovery Services Librarian
avatar for Jeff Murdock

Jeff Murdock

Des Moines University
Digital Resources Librarian
avatar for Jan Murphy

Jan Murphy

Gale Cengage
Director, Product Management
avatar for Whitney Murphy

Whitney Murphy

Sr. Mgr., Strategy & Market Support
avatar for Andrew Nagy

Andrew Nagy

Director, Software Innovation
avatar for Heidi Nance

Heidi Nance

Ivy Plus Libraries
Director of Resource Sharing Initiatives
avatar for Bob Nardini

Bob Nardini

VP Library Services
avatar for Kelsey Nunez

Kelsey Nunez

Yoga Instructor
avatar for Faye O'Reilly

Faye O'Reilly

Wichita State University
Associate Professor & Digital Resources Librarian
avatar for Jake Orlowitz

Jake Orlowitz

Founder: WikiBlueprint, Wikipedia Library
avatar for Heather Otrando

Heather Otrando

Cambridge University Press
Academic Product Support Manager

Christopher Palazzolo

Emory University, Woodruff Library
Head of Collections, Emory University
avatar for Russell Palmer

Russell Palmer

Assistant Director
avatar for Josh Petrusa

Josh Petrusa

Butler University
Assoc. Dean for Collections & Digital Services
avatar for Gavin Phillips

Gavin Phillips

Imperial College London
Acquisitions Services Manager
avatar for Andrew Pitts

Andrew Pitts

avatar for Scott Pope

Scott Pope

Texas State University
Continuing Resources Librarian
avatar for Amanda N. Price

Amanda N. Price

Texas State University
Monographic Aquistions Librarian
avatar for Angie Pusnik

Angie Pusnik

Indiana University Kokomo
Digital User Experience Librarian
avatar for Matthew Ragucci

Matthew Ragucci

Associate Product Marketing Director
avatar for Molly Rainard

Molly Rainard

Auraria Library
Subscription & Purchasing Manager
avatar for Karthik Ram

Karthik Ram

Berkeley Institute of Data Science
Senior Data Scientist
avatar for Jessie Ransom

Jessie Ransom

Ex Libris
Teaching & Learning Product Specialist
avatar for Jed Reinitz

Jed Reinitz

Director Product Management Books
avatar for Charlie Remy

Charlie Remy

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
avatar for Robert Van Rennes

Robert Van Rennes

Big Ten Academic Alliance
Associate Director, Library Initiatives

Kaci Resau

Washington & Lee University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Alyssa Resnick

Alyssa Resnick

USC Libraries
Associate Dean, Technical Services & Coll. Dev.
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